How Does Cross-promotion Help My Podcast?

Cross-promotion can be a great way to market your show. Cross-promotion refers to sharing your content on another podcast, social media, or marketing distribution channel in exchange for exposure.

This is a win-win strategy. It allows you to offer value to other podcast listeners in return for exposure to hundreds of potential listeners.

This strategy targets podcast listeners directly from within a podcast app such as Apple Podcasts. It’s easy to search for new shows in your podcast app and click “follow” if they’re already listening to the show.

Let’s take a look at several ways the podcast production team at The Leduc Entertainment can help you cross-promote your show.

Participate In Other Podcasts

Cross-promotion can be done in two ways: have guest hosts on your podcast and then host other shows. They can offer a different perspective, story, or message to their listeners, which can boost your credibility as well as bring new listeners to your podcast.

Run An Ad Exchange On Other Shows

To get exposure for your show, you can trade or buy host-read ads on other podcasts (both within and outside your niche). Host-read ads are the most effective form of advertising because listeners build trust and interest in the host and are more inclined to listen to the voice and opinions of familiar hosts than random people in their feed.

Run A Trailer Or Complete Episode On Another Show’s Podcast Feed

This tactic is particularly common in podcast networks. To help new listeners, you can trade or buy your podcast trailer for a time period to get them to follow your show.

There are many ways you can cross-promote your show, as you can see. RedCircle has a cross-promotion tool that you can use to promote your show. You can also reach out to other podcasts and ask for a trade or purchase to place an ad.

Use Hashtags To Interact On Social Media

For each episode of your podcast, share audiograms or quote cards. Tag each guest you have on your podcast. To increase organic discovery by new listeners, use hashtags

Press Releases and are good places to look for such opportunities. If you find blogs or articles listing “Best Crime Podcasts”, or “Best Comedy Podcasts”, please comment on them and mention yours. Write to the author to ask how you can be included on the list or mentioned next time. Even if they cannot help you, it is never a bad idea to network with them. Make sure you promote anyone who is added to their list. They are always looking for new followers just like you.

Facilitate The Process For Others

Your guests and listeners should find it easy to share your podcast. Send your guest a press kit that you can share with them. It will include a link to your episode, audiograms, quote cards, and copy they can copy and paste.

You can also tag your guests to share your podcast via social media and ask them to repost it. This is a much easier way to do the same thing as posting it yourself. Make it easy for your listeners to share your podcast with their friends. Your listeners should find it as easy as possible. Do not make them search for you. Instead, give them a link to click.

Show Notes

Show notes are written summaries of podcast episodes. They typically include a summary, a timestamped listing of important points, and outbound links that link to resources.

Podcasters may share show notes in their episode descriptions on directories such as Apple. However, we recommend that you add show notes to your podcast website to drive listeners to visit your website.

Show notes can be a great reason to get listeners to visit your website. Show notes are a great way to improve your SEO strategy because they provide lots of written content that you can add to your website.


Transcriptions, which are the complete written subtitles for your episode, are usually posted on a podcast website. Sometimes they are also included in an email newsletter.

By generating lots and easy written content for your website, transcriptions can improve your SEO. Transcriptions also make it easier for people with disabilities to access your website. Transcriptions allow listeners to easily scan your content and do a word search to find quotes from your episodes. They can even follow along by reading the show while they listen.

The Leduc Entertainment Is Here To Help You Cross-promote And Grow Your Podcast!

There are many ways to market your podcast. But, these are our top recommendations. The team at The Leduc Entertainment is well versed in both starting and growing podcasts and is ready to help your dreams become a reality. Contact us today to speak with our experienced podcast production team

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