What Is Know, Like, Trust? Part 2

Below is a continuation of our last blog post on the importance of know, like, trust.


Now that they are feeling like they are getting to know you, how do you get them to like you? After all, you can know lots of people and still not like quite a few of them.

Your prospect must feel connected to you in order to like you

What does it really mean to like someone?

What causes you to respect and appreciate a mentor, friend, or colleague?

What do these mentors, friends, and colleagues do that elicits those feelings?

  • They can inspire you, or help you to see things differently.
  • Your values and opinions are similar to theirs.
  • They make you feel good.
  • They are funny and have a sense of style.

Many of your interests are the same, be it music, sports, hobbies or mustaches.

How can you turn what you do into content that increases your “like” factor? These are some ideas to consider:

Create Content to Inspire People and Make Them Feel Good

Even if your company is a B2B one, it’s selling to people. People who are actually consuming your content. Use second-person language. It is more personal and creates a greater sense of connection. Do you feel like I’m talking with you? I sure hope so!

Give real value to your content and not a sales pitch. Create and distribute apps, best-practice guidebooks, research, and how-to’s.

Your personality and style are important. Give the reader a glimpse of your company culture. Do you think your ideal client is a risk-taker or is she cautious about taking on risks? Listen to the story of your audience member.

Being open and honest is key to a friendship. Be open about your talents and insights, and how they can be used to help (not sell).

TIP: The success of those you serve is your common interest. Tell that story.


This part probably seems like the hardest part of the whole equation, but it’s actually very simple. In order to trust you, your customer must feel like they know they can rely on you. They know you will make it right if something goes wrong, you will be on time, and your product/service is what you promised it would be, otherwise you will offer ways to fix it.

How can you build trust in your website and your content?

What can you do to build trust with prospects who have never done business with your company? How do you create enough trust to make prospects feel confident about saying yes?

Here are some ideas:

  • Social proof is a must. Share testimonials of people who have used your products and services.
  • Tell us about your success stories in helping others to achieve their goals.
  • Be transparent. Let people see who you are and who you are not.
  • You can offer a money-back guarantee. Although this tactic may not work for all businesses, it can help build trust.
  • Make yourself easily accessible. Your contact information should be placed on every page of your website in a footer or sidebar. It’s great to see how you can contact someone’s website from the prospect’s point of view.

Trust, like, and know are three key factors that influence how people see your brand. Now that you have a better understanding of the meaning and how it can be interpreted, you can start to incorporate each element into your content so people know, trust, like, and trust you.

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