Most companies do not have the time, resources, or expertise required to create effective videos for their marketing campaigns. That’s where our video production services come into play. Whether you need video content for commercials, YouTube, online advertisements, social media, or anything else; we have the resources and expertise needed to make it happen.

At The Leduc Entertainment, we employ a team of highly-trained superstars who can work with tight budgets to create spectacular works of art. Our team consists of 11 professionals each with their own unique set of skills. Every video will have the attention of a qualified producer, screenwriter, videographer, editor, acting coach, wardrobe specialist, and more.

Every successful, modern company eventually decides to take the step forward with video content in their marketing campaigns. The difference between the companies that succeed and the companies that fail is the production service they use to create those videos. With The Leduc Entertainment, you’ll always have the best possible outcome. Contact our staff today to discuss your video production service options at 504-451-3061.


  1. What Exactly is Video Production?
  2. What Should I Consider Before Hiring a Video Production Company?
    1. Type of Video
    2. Length of Video
    3. Problem Solving
    4. Tone & Style
    5. Budget
    6. Target Audience
    7. Provide Examples of Other Videos that You Like
  3. What Should I Look for in a Video Production Company?
  4. What Are the Steps that I Should Expect While Making a Video?
    1. 1. Development
      1. What’s Your Name?
      2. What Type of Work Do You Do?
      3. What Type of Products or Services Do You Offer?
      4. What Type of Audience Do You Serve?
      5. Creating Your Logline
    2. 2. Pre-Production
      1. Storyboarding
      2. Script Finalization
      3. Hire Talent
      4. Secure the Location
    3. 3. Production
    4. 4. Post-Production
  5. Can’t I Just Use My Smartphone to Make My Own Video Content?
  6. Why Should I Hire The Leduc Entertainment to Produce My Video?
  7. Call The Leduc Entertainment for Quality and Engaging Video Production Services for Your Business


Nearly 80 percent of all online users watch a video at least once a week. Many people consume multiple videos on a daily basis. That makes video a powerful medium for sharing a message and increasing brand awareness. It’s also far more likely to encourage engagement compared to more traditional content forms. For example, adding video to an email campaign can increase interactions by more than 200 percent.

The problem is that most companies simply don’t know how to create engaging videos. Others don’t have the equipment or staff needed to produce a high-quality video. There are also businesses that are worried about the cost associated with video production. You can overcome all of these hurdles by working with our professional video production service.

We produce videos for marketing strategies on a regular basis: These videos cover the spectrum from employee training videos to television commercials. Unlike a film production company, we do not produce full-scale movies or television shows. We focus on shorter format content that is most often designed to engage the viewer. To provide you with a tangible example of our work, check out one of our projects here.

Video production is not a fast or simple procedure, but we expedite the process as much as possible by employing highly-qualified professionals and using the latest production tools. There are a variety of smaller processes embedded in the service. It all begins by working with the client to figure out what their goal and vision are. From there, we perform research, train actors, write scripts, film videos, edit content, and more.


Our experts will work with you to flesh out your ideas and help you achieve your marketing goal. However, it’s always best to be prepared with as much information as possible before we begin the process. Here are a few important factors to consider before you hire a production company:

Type of Video

Not all videos are created to serve the same purpose. We handle a variety of short-form videos. Is your video going to be used for marketing purposes? For example, will it be an advertisement played on YouTube or some other video-sharing website? Or will your video be used internally within your company? Maybe it will be an employee training video or a corporate video. We can’t go forward with creating the content unless you understand the purpose of the content.

Length of Video

The length of your video is important for several reasons. The most obvious reason is the impact it will have on the time and cost of production. Longer, more complex videos will take longer to film and edit. More resources will be required and the final cost will be higher. Second, certain types of video content work best within certain time frames. Advertisements, for example, should always be less than 2 minutes. Trimming that down to sixty seconds is even more effective.

Problem Solving

When it comes to marketing, experts struggle to decide whether they should be selling a problem or selling a solution. We believe it’s always best if videos approach from a problem-solving angle. For that to happen, you need to know what the problem is and how your product or service can solve it. We then find a way to incorporate this solution into the final product.

Tone & Style

Brands often become synonymous with their tone and style over time. Brands like Geico are known for their clever, humorous advertisements. By contrast, Allstate advertisements tend to have a more personal and solemn approach. That doesn’t mean all of your content needs to follow this tone 100 percent of the time. But it’s still important to figure out what tone you want to convey early on so that you build brand recognition.


Some of our first conversations with clients will cover the budget. None of us like to think of the budget looming over our campaign, but it’s an important element that will shape how we approach many different problems. Our team is used to working with budgets of all sizes. It’s up to you to decide what sort of investment you want to make in your next production.

Target Audience

Who is this content intended for? This is the other side of the creative coin after determining the purpose of the content. Carefully choosing your target audience will greatly increase the likelihood of success. You do not want to cast a wide net with video marketing content. Different companies often utilize different techniques for discerning who their target audience is. Use whatever method best fits your brand, but be sure you can clearly picture your target audience before moving forward with production.

Provide Examples of Other Videos that You Like

Having examples of similar content that you enjoyed makes the creative process much easier. Our goal isn’t to steal anyone’s ideas or techniques. We simply want to know what type of content you like and what elements of those videos caught your attention.

To give you a better sense of our capabilities and style, we encourage you to take a look at one of our previous projects. You can watch our work here.


There are plenty of video production companies available online. How do you know that The Leduc Entertainment is the best fit for your business? What are important qualities to look for when choosing a video production company?

  • Professional Portfolio: Does the company have documented experience with clients that they are willing to share?
  • Convincing Client Testimonials: Are previous clients willing to step forward and recommend their company?
  • Timeliness: Do they deliver content in a timely manner according to the schedule they set forth?
  • Clear Expectations: Does the company let you know what is required and the type of content they can deliver with your available budget?
  • High Standards: Does their previous work reflect an attention to detail, creativity, and uniqueness?
  • Creativity: Does their content stand out from other video production companies working in similar markets?
  • Passion: Do they give 110 percent regardless of the size of the company or their budget?


There are four essential steps involved with making a video that are handled by our production company:

1. Development

The development stage marks the very beginning of the creative process. Our goal here is to fully understand the concept, write a draft, and outline the timeline of upcoming steps. We will cover the same questions we mentioned earlier, such as your target audience and the purpose of your video. We will also ask any additional questions so that we can produce the best content possible. A few additional questions we may ask include:

What’s Your Name?

This is a very straightforward question. We want to know the name of your brand as well as other relevant information like logo and colors. Of course, we’ll also want the name of the individual we will be communicating with throughout the process.

What Type of Work Do You Do?

This helps us understand who we are working with. Are you a social media manager for the company? Are you a project manager for a third-party company handling video needs for a client? Having clarity and transparency throughout the project is always beneficial.

What Type of Products or Services Do You Offer?

We want to understand the business itself and how they serve the public. An eCommerce store that sells a variety of different goods will require a different approach than a landscaping service that works in a local area. Again, this helps provide clarity and understanding so that the final product is personalized in the best possible way.

What Type of Audience Do You Serve?

Chances are, this will be closely related to the target audience for your video. If you primarily sell walk-in bathtubs to seniors, then we will go in one direction with our script. If you sell high-end hot tubs to young adults, then we’ll take a very different approach with the script. The devices may function in a similar fashion but the type of audience is very different.

Creating Your Logline

One of the final steps in the development process is creating the logline. This is a hyper-condensed summary of the content that is usually less than 50 words. It needs to be compact, yet still engaging enough to grab the attention of the reader. The logline will benefit many people in the production process, including the copywriter, scriptwriter, and the producer.

2. Pre-Production

This is the second stage in the process and it includes quite a lot of work. Development consists primarily of planning. Pre-production is about taking all of the steps necessary before production can begin. How much time is spent in the pre-production stage will depend on the complexity of the video. Pre-production for a Hollywood movie can take more than 210 days. Luckily, we won’t need nearly as long. Here are some of the steps involved in pre-production:


While the script contains the dialogue and tells the story, the storyboard is a visualization of the different shots that will be used. Creating a storyboard helps plan each scene in the video with maximum detail. We work with some of the best storyboard artists in the industry.

Script Finalization

We finalize the script using the draft and the logline produced during the development phase. The final version of the script may contain massive rewrites or it may be incredibly close to the original version. We work with the client to ensure they are happy with the content going forward.

Hire Talent

Almost every great video requires at least one great actor. We scout the best talent for the job and then our expert acting coach ensures they are fully prepared for the role.

Secure the Location

Viewers can always tell the difference between a video shot on location compared to a video shot in someone’s basement. Finding the ideal location for the video is just as important as finding the best actors. There are several factors to consider including, the appearance, the distance from the crew, insurance requirements, and potential disruptions.

3. Production

This is the heart of the entire process. It includes all of the stages involved with actually creating the final video. There are a dozen moving elements in every shot that need to be considered. We have experts who handle wardrobe, lighting sound, and backup footage. Production times are often much shorter than pre-production times for short advertisements.

The bulk of the work involved with the production phase is actually filming the video. This can also include capturing B-roll footage, performing interviews, and recording voice overs. In some cases, clients can be present for recording and other elements of the production stage.

4. Post-Production

The final stage for the video production crew is post-production. Post-production is all about making something usable out of the raw footage that was gathered during the production step. Therefore, editing is the primary focus during post-production. The cast and directors handle much of the production work, but most of the post-production work is handled by editors. We currently employ three of the best editors in the industry.

Editing consists of taking all of the raw footage and combining it in a way that tells the desired narrative. There will be plenty of footage that is cut out as well as interviews and b-roll footage that is added to the story.

Editing begins long before the post-production stage but it can not be finished until after production. Generally, editors will work on content during each stage of the production process. They will edit interviews, voiceovers, and certain footage as it is completed. Handling the editing process in increments ensures that the final post-production stage is as short as possible.

If you decide that you would also like for us to manage your social media and marketing distribution, we will be spreading your brand new, professionally produced video for all the world to see. Your business is a movie, and the story will be one that audiences will want to see. Besides, what is the point of making a fabulous video showcasing your business’s greatness, if no one sees it?


We wouldn’t recommend it. This might work for teenagers and gamers with hopes of going viral, but it’s not an adequate strategy for a corporation. If you want high-quality videos that are respected by viewers, then you need to invest in professional video production services. There are several disadvantages to taking the DIY smartphone approach.

First and foremost, the quality of the video is going to be significantly lower. Even the latest smartphones cannot keep up with the current high-end recording equipment. This applies to video as well as audio. Your viewers will be able to tell the difference and you will lose their confidence.

Second, you will lose access to all of the other available tools and staff that our company provides. We employ professionals for every step in the process. We also take the time to find the best actors and the best location for your video. You lose these advantages when you try to take a DIY approach.


It’s a matter of wanting the best for your business. Whether it’s your personal business that you created or you’re a marketing manager on the team; you probably want the best for the company. Other companies will have fewer professionals, older equipment, and lower quality standards. We always strive to provide the best to our clients in every regard possible.

If you’d like to see some of our previous work, please visit here to get a better sense of the quality we deliver.

It’s also important to work with a company that can bring your vision to life within the confines of your budget. We don’t apply a “one-size-fits-all” approach to all of our clients. During meetings and development, we will work closely with you to understand your vision and then create a plan to make that vision a reality.


Videos are an important form of content for every modern business. Most often, videos are used as a form of marketing, but they also play an important role in internal training. By working with our video production company you can be certain you are getting the best possible videos regardless of the purpose. Contact The Leduc Entertainment today at 504-451-3061 to discuss your content needs.

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8 Figure Firm

Luis Scott started a company called 8 Figure Firm in Atlanta in September of 2020. He consults other attorneys on how to scale their business. We started his inbound video marketing for all of his channels, and he went from $0 to $160k a month within a year.

Rick Jordan

Rick Jordan is a cybersecurity expert from Chicago. He is currently working with Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank to acquire 500 It Companies throughout the U.S. in the next 5 years and uses us to tell his stories on all of his platforms.

Dat Band

Dat Band is a wedding and events cover band based in New Orleans. They started 2020 right at $200k for the year. Since working with us, they will be finishing 2021 right around $700k.

Sarah Z

This team was a dream to work with! Very responsive, punctual, and helped bring our company commercial to life. Thanks to Armando and his team for a great shoot and a great finished product. Looking forward to working together again!

Ivana Rhodes

I cannot say enough about Armando and his team. They are extremely professional, very helpful, and amazingly talented. They shot my promo video and have shot for my clients. Look no further – book this company today!

Lacy Davillier

The Leduc Entertainment did an interview spot for our business and it was right on! Talented team and sweethearts, will work together again in the future. Give them a shout:)))

Marilyn Doucette

Meals From The Heart Cafe is a new client of The Leduc Entertainment. There are of course learning curves. Leduc staff ensures that communication is open and frequent. The visual and audio quality of our videos has been outstanding.

Val Torres

Greatest customer service experience! Video production was high quality! I recommend The Leduc Entertainment 100% to anyone looking for profesional, well designed and filmed content. The team was extremely nice and it was very smooth working with them all!…

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