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Visual media adds exponential value to your marketing efforts. The latest studies reveal that the average click-through rate almost doubles when visual media is added to your marketing mix. Today, if a business doesn’t incorporate video as a tool to communicate the core message of the brand, they are losing a lot. While creating informal YouTube videos and other social media videos to promote your brand or business, you can’t overlook the need for professional video production as well.

Professional videos are well thought out and help present your core business message much more effectively. In fact, video is a highly effective way to introduce your business to new customers. The right video should not only convey your brand’s core beliefs and benefits to your potential customer, but also get it in front of as many eyes as possible. That is where you need the marketing distribution services of a premier video production company.

The most important thing is to pick a reliable and experienced video production company to take your small business to the next level. The Leduc Entertainment is your trusted partner in Louisiana and throughout the US, if you are looking for a reputable video marketing distribution service for your brand or business.

Our expert team thinks of your business as a story. In fact, every brand has a story to tell – an important story for your potential customer base. We will share your brand’s story with your target audience in the most effective way possible. The crew at The Leduc Entertainment has on-set experience working in Hollywood productions. We will bring that level of quality to the videos we produce to promote your brand or business.

From a production standpoint, our team will treat your brand or business as a movie and continue to put in the hard work required to turn your message into a blockbuster that your potential customers will want to binge-watch. The crew at The Leduc Entertainment is always committed to putting in the hard work needed to make your social media campaign your movie a smash hit.

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  1. What is Marketing Distribution?
  2. How Does The Leduc Entertainment Distribute Your Content?
    1. Social Media
    2. Video Platforms
    3. Email & Newsletter Campaigns
  3. What is Included With Our Distribution Services?
    1. Movie Star Package
    2. Co-Star Package
  4. Key Features of Our Marketing Distribution Services
    1. Social Media Relevance
    2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    3. Social Media Engagement
    4. Optimized for Viewers
  5. The Instagrowth Strategy
  6. Why Choose Us?
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Marketing distribution is the spread of your brand or product throughout the marketplace so that it appeals to a large segment of customers. Marketing distribution can make or break a company if it’s not done correctly. Spreading your brand or business message as much as possible is crucial to attracting the right customer to your company.

Online marketing has revolutionized the way brands spread their core marketing messages. Video marketing is considered one of the most effective methods of distributing your marketing message to millions of potential customers via the web.

A good marketing distribution spread is essential to take your small business to the next level. Your brand has a greater chance of reaching more potential customers with video marketing. Even if you work with the best video production company in the world, it won’t help your brand unless your video content is strategically distributed on various platforms. That is where Leduc Entertainment comes in handy.

Just like a blockbuster movie is shown in hundreds of theaters around the globe, your video content should be distributed in an effective manner to take your brand to the next level. The team at The Leduc Entertainment has the necessary skills and experience to just do that.

We not only produce highly engaging videos for your brand, but we will also take your video content & strategically distribute it on various social media platforms where your audience is most active to share your brand’s story in a compelling way.


First, we will build a social media calendar to distribute your content – A social media calendar is like your marketing blueprint where your marketing goals are highlighted to get the most out of your social media presence. In fact, a good social media calendar has numerous benefits to your brand including post consistency, time-saving, better organization.

The following is a basic breakdown of the ways we distribute your content:

Social Media

We post your new content to the most relevant social media channels for your brand. We will research your customer behavior and post content only to the most relevant social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Video Platforms

Video content is one of the most effective ways of promoting your brand today. We will create professional videos and post them on popular video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

Email & Newsletter Campaigns

Our expert team will also design effective email and newsletter campaigns for your brand or business. We leverage every possible way to get your content seen by a large audience.


Our distribution services are tailored for any brand or business, whether big or small. If you are ready to take your business to the next level with The Leduc Entertainment, you can expect the following features from our content packages:

Movie Star Package

Our full-service Movie Star package will help elevate your business to platinum-level heights. The package includes:

  • Top-tier social media marketing including video production, photography services, copywriting services, and other social media content creation.
  • We deliver 7 months’ worth of social media activity in just 7 days.
  • We come up with all content creation concepts for your brand.
  • Our team will create 11 professional videos for your brand.
  • Distribute the content on four popular social media platforms with proper hashtags daily according to the social media calendar designed by us.
  • We will upload and optimize your YouTube channel and coordinate with your web designer to add content to your official website.
  • We also create an automatic email marketing drip campaign with 2 emails to your email list weekly.

Co-Star Package

Our Co-Star package includes:

  • A full day of shooting for a full month worth of content.
  • Create all content for your brand.
  • Create 6 professional videos for your business.
  • Distribute the content on four popular social media platforms with proper hashtags, 3 times a week.
  • Upload and optimize your YouTube channel.
  • Create an automatic email marketing drip campaign with 2 emails to your email list weekly.


Here are some of the salient features of our distribution services:

Social Media Relevance

Understanding the relevant hashtags and how to use them is more complicated than it may seem. Our team will do the research and attach hashtags and other social media cross-references to connect your brand message with the largest possible audience online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We will maximize related SEO factors to attract the most relevant traffic to your website. Giving your audience an array of different types of content means that they can consume content in the way they prefer. When a website consistently provides users with what they want will be a popular website. And popular websites always rank high.

Social Media Engagement

The team will always coordinate with your staff on social media likes, sharing, etc. Having users engage with your content is the goal. Even better, when your business engages back. We will help you to plan and collaborate on how best to get the engagement started and rolling based on what works for each platform.

Optimized for Viewers

Each social media platforms have different types of audiences, and no two are exactly alike. We will place your videos for the highest viewer volume on each social media platform.


When your videos and content starts to gain the attention that it deserves, you will receive a variety engagements and responses. Every single engagement is a possible lead to a new customer or client, and should receive a response from you. We will also dedicate a staff member to work with you on your social media engagement and responses which include:

  • Initiate shares, likes, and some of the posts and replies (the target is 50 per day).
  • Our experts will design an email and newsletter campaign in the pre-production stage and schedule your content blasts to encourage potential readers to watch, like, and share the videos & images.
  • Send direct messages to some of the respondents.
  • Provide brief comments on some of the posts (the target is 50 per day).
  • Monitor all relevant metrics including viewer counts.
  • Share the best responses your brand receives by reposting them on popular social media platforms.
  • Creating ads for media advertising from footage already on hand.
  • Provide detailed responses to specific customer questions.
  • And more…


When you are looking for a reliable and experienced video marketing distribution service for your brand, you won’t find many. True, there are hundreds of video marketing services out there. Most of them will create videos for you but not effectively distribute them as we do. You may have the best video made for your brand. But it is of no use unless you distribute the video across popular social media platforms.

Leduc Entertainment is your trusted partner for highly effective video production and distribution. Just like a blockbuster movie is shown in theaters around the world, your videos should be distributed across social media channels to reach millions of potential customers.

The success of your brand depends on how quickly you can attract highly targeted customers to your business. Attracting the right customer is very important today with the amount of competition you have. Let The Leduc Entertainment create and distribute professional videos across popular social media channels to take your brand to the next level.


The staff at The Leduc Entertainment has on-set experience working in Hollywood productions, which can be leveraged for the success of your brand or business. As a premier video production company in Louisiana, we successfully produce a wide range of content for outlets including web video, broadcast television, streaming platforms, and social media platforms.

Our team has the necessary expertise to complete a range of video editing, video acquisition, production services, and distribution services. Call The Leduc Entertainment today at 504-451-3061 to devise an effective video marketing strategy for your brand or business and take it to the next level!

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