In this new remote-working world, quality content that can easily reach people where they are is more important than ever. And since audio giants like Spotify and Apple Music are constantly dishing out informative content right, front, and center, more than 1 million podcasts have come into existence. This means there are a lot more listeners, and therefore more shows competing for attention.

At The Leduc Entertainment, we are in the business of making your podcast as successful as possible. Our podcast production services are designed to not only make you sound as professional as possible, but also meet your post-production audio needs for your podcasts and more. This way, you can focus more on creating new engaging content for your listeners.

Our team of audio engineers, writers, and well-honed equipment and systems have you covered every step of the way. From episode planning and research to scripting and writing, to sound design and post-production audio mixing.

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  1. What is a Podcast and How Does it Work?
  2. Where Do People Listen to Podcasts?
  3. Why Would I Want to Have a Podcast?
  4. How Do I Start a Podcast?
    1. Identify Your Goals and the Main Topic
    2. Listen to Other Podcasts on Your Topic
    3. Develop a Format
    4. Come Up with a Title
    5. Write an Outline or Script
    6. Prepare a Recording Space
    7. Record Your Podcast
    8. Edit the Audio
    9. Prepare for Distribution
    10. Market the Podcast
  5. Do I Need to Hire a Podcast Producer?
    1. Maintaining the Creative Vision
    2. Overseeing the Production of Your Podcast
    3. Coordinating Guest Interviews
    4. Post-Production
    5. Podcast Management
  6. Why Should I Hire The Leduc Entertainment to Produce My Podcast?
  7. The Leduc Entertainment – Your Partner for Podcast Production Services


A podcast is essentially a digital audio program or show that you can stream or download from the web on your computer, smartphone, or tablet and listen when it’s most convenient for you. In the past few years, podcasts have become a very popular type of media, and it’s still growing.

Initially, podcasts were made entirely by individuals, the most popular of which is Joe Rogan. However, to capitalize on the rising popularity, major news outlets, companies, and other organizations are now producing podcasts. Podcasting has become such a big business that Spotify, Apple, SiriusXM, and iHeartMedia are heavily invested in it.

For the listeners, podcasts are appealing mainly because they are quite a versatile medium. The audio-only format allows them to be easy to consume for most people, who do so while cooking, commuting, working, or traveling. You can think of podcasts as background content, which you can give full attention to if you like.

Speaking of content, the topics covered by podcasts are quite broad, ranging from true crime and comedy to parenting to business strategies, to kids’ content. If you have a topic in mind, there’s probably already a podcast out there for it. And if there isn’t, that should be a huge opportunity for you to start your podcast covering the topic.

Podcasts operate as on-demand radio. You can listen to any episode you want on a podcast app or subscribe to podcasts using an RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication / Rich Site Summary). While subscribed, you will be notified whenever a new episode is available.


Most people listen to podcasts on apps on their phones, tablets, or computer. Podcasts apps are available on most platforms, including Windows, iPhone, and Android. These come with a media player that lets you listen to and subscribe to any podcasts available.

Every app comes integrated with a podcast directory, through which you can search for new shows on a myriad of topics. Most of these apps will also offer you personalized recommendations depending on the shows that you listen to most on the app. Once you find something you want to listen to on the app of your choice, you can either stream it or download it to your device.

If you become an avid podcast listener such that you are subscribed to a large number of podcasts, you might benefit from using apps like Apple Music, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, etc. which are designed to filter and organize a huge number of podcast subscriptions. Some podcast creators also make their podcasts available to listen to directly on their website via a web-based podcast player such as FuseBox.


As mentioned before, podcasts are quite a hot topic now. You have probably heard that Joe Rogan got paid more than $100 million by Spotify for the distribution rights of his podcast. Of course, we aren’t saying that you will be offered 9 figures for your podcasts, but this is quite inspiring.

The internet today requires earning the trust of users, and there’s perhaps a no better way of doing this than with your voice. While podcasting you will be broadcasting your message to thousands or millions of people – to the listener, it’s just you and them. This is why many online marketers seem to agree that podcasting is one of the best ways to scale intimacy.

Plus, the ubiquity of smartphones and other mobile devices as well as the shift of content consumption habits represent a big opportunity for the growth of podcasts. Currently, podcasts are a less crowded form of media, compared to blogging. They can also work as multitasking options too, allowing the listener to listen to a podcast while engaged in another task. The same can’t be said for videos and blog content.

When done right, there are lots of benefits to starting a podcast of your own – less competition, new audiences, and greater intimacy with them. It also takes a lot less to get started than you might think.


The following are some of the steps to have in mind when starting a podcast:

Identify Your Goals and the Main Topic

You should choose a podcast topic that suits your skills and interests. Be sure to write down your objectives for starting the podcast. Podcasters create their content for different reasons, including audience engagement, brand awareness, and sharing information about a topic that’s important to them.

Listen to Other Podcasts on Your Topic

Explore other successful podcasts covering your chosen topic, or those closest to it. Read the reviews, check the average length of episodes, and learn more about the kind of content that works best for the subscriber base.

Develop a Format

You can choose from a variety of podcast formats, including monologue, interviews, non-fiction narratives, and fiction. Choose how many episodes you’d like to produce for your first season and how long each episode will be. Decide whether you will act as a sole host or partner with a co-host.

Come Up with a Title

Once you have a format in place, choose a name for your podcast. Keep it simple and direct. Be sure to include essential keywords that can help improve your SEO and help new listeners find your show.

Write an Outline or Script

Based on the format of your podcast, write down a few show notes. You could write your own, but you may benefit from some professional copywriting services. Even for podcasts that use a loose interview format, a basic template of talking points can help to keep the conversation on track. Consider publishing a catchy intro to welcome listeners to your show and an outro integrated with a call to action for subscriptions and reviews.

Prepare a Recording Space

You also want to set up a space for recording your podcasts, preferably in a quiet spot in your home. Rooms that have curtains, cushions, and carpeting can effectively absorb echoes and reverberations, effectively improving your audio quality.

Record Your Podcast

Use the show notes as your guidelines to record the first episode. Take your time and be patient as it can take time to get comfortable around a microphone. Keep a glass of water nearby and take breaks when you need them.

Edit the Audio

Cut out the unnecessary content. Let the podcast stay on topic and edit the areas where you ramble. Consider rearranging sections to keep the narrative of the topic as clear as possible. This is also the time to also fix or remove any sound quality issues.

Prepare for Distribution

Write a short description of your show and include related keywords as they can be helpful for SEO. Create simple cover art for your podcast or hire a graphic designer to do it for you. Professional marketing distribution services can give you a huge head start in getting your podcast in front of as many ears as possible.

Market the Podcast

Develop a podcast website and post about it on social media. Find online groups that are related to the topic of your podcast and engage with the members. Consider also inviting other podcasters to your show and co-hosting an episode together.

Get creative in terms of how you reach out to potential listeners and be reliable with your releasing schedule. Above everything, upload new episodes consistently to increase your audience base.


No. You could handle everything yourself. However, for the inexperienced producer, podcasting can present a steep learning curve. While not impossible, you will need plenty of time to gain some of the skills required in several areas, while still trying to figure out the format that works best for your audience.

Working with budget agencies or freelancers can work, but it takes a great deal of domain expertise to make something outstanding, not to mention the amount of effort it takes to manage it. Keep in mind that the more complex the overall topic of the podcast, the more the producer has to do.

Generally speaking, what the producer does and the skills they need will mainly depend on the complexity and overall vision of the podcast. While there’s no set description of what a podcast producer does or doesn’t do, the following are some of the key areas a producer or podcast production services team focus their time and attention on:

Maintaining the Creative Vision

A podcast producer will help to develop and maintain the creative vision of your podcast. They will help you map out the story you want to tell, who will help tell the story, and what needs to be done to tell the story. They will also identify the kind of things that need to come into the overall game plan.

Overseeing the Production of Your Podcast

Getting an episode from start to finish can be a lot of work, especially if it’s a more complex concept. The producer has enough know-how and vision of what needs to be done and they will oversee the whole process from start to finish and help deliver the results on their own or work with someone who can.

Coordinating Guest Interviews

Another major responsibility of the podcast producer is ensuring interviews for guests are well coordinated. This entails a lot more than just making phone calls, keeping the calendar, and sending emails. Keep in mind that the producer is responsible for making sure the overall vision of the podcast comes together.


Once the interviews are conducted and the vision is cast, the podcast has to be prepared for the world to see. This involves editing the content, mixing, and mastering it into a cohesive episode. This will likely involve other elements like narration, integrating music, transitions, and other elements to help tell the story.

Podcast Management

Another responsibility will be managing the podcast on an ongoing process. This entails adjusting the overall process as needed, whether this will mean finding new personnel to carry out the element as the podcast requires. The producer will also be the one to keep track of the analytics of the performance of the podcast to see how the audience views it.


The team at The Leduc Entertainment has a lot of experience working with podcasters at all levels. We bring our expertise to the table to help you shine. We have worked hard to help set our podcast production services apart and we are sure we can help you achieve your goals.

We can help you to not only develop the vision for your podcast, but also find a great way to tell your story on each episode. Our professional team will also ensure that the production process is completed efficiently and oversee the preparation and interview process. They will also oversee the post-production process to bring the episodes together in a way that ensures the podcast performs as planned.


Producing an excellent podcast usually requires a lot more than audio production. This is why we offer our clients a comprehensive, full-service podcast production package. At The Leduc Entertainment, we can help handle every single step of your podcasting process, from branding to editing, to distribution and marketing.

Get in touch with us today at 504-451-3061 if you have any questions or concerns about our podcast production services.

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