What Is ‘know, Like, Trust’? Part 1

The pace of the world seems to be moving at incredible speeds. But one thing that appears to remain the same is that people like to feel connected; to other people, to causes, to brands. Maybe that is a direct effect of all of this change. The faster things change, the more people want to feel grounded and connected to something that feels ‘real’.

Know. Like. Trust.

This is a concept that experts in the sales world have known for a long time. Prospects turn into clients when they feel like they:

  • Know the person they’re buying from
  • They like this person
  • They trust this person isn’t going to take their money and run.

Face to face salespeople know they have to give potential buyers the opportunity to feel these 3 things if they ever hope to close that deal.

Now, think about that in terms of your content. You’re likely not even in the same zip code with your buyers in the online realm, but your content must present itself as if you were face to face with them. People work hard for their money, and rightfully so, want to feel connected to what it is they’re about to spend their money on.

Your content is your best friend singing your praises to everyone they meet. It serves as a testimonial that your business knows what people need, how best to fix their problems, and they won’t regret placing a bet on you because you deliver on your promises.

Nailing K.L.T ensures your sales will increase, your brand loyalty will grow, and at the very least, people will be watching to see what you do next.

Ok, all of that is easy enough to say….but how do you actually accomplish K.L.T. through content? How do you get potential customers to feel like they know, like, and trust you when they haven’t even met you?

We will attempt to answer that enigma in this blog.

To Know

What sparked that passion to seek out starting your own business? Did you take over the family business? And if so, what was the inspiration that led you down that path? Or did you just fall into this field and realize that you possessed a natural gift for it?

What was it that you hoped to accomplish? What was your mission? As you start to answer these questions, you are filling in the blanks to your own origin story. As we typically say here at The Leduc Entertainment, “Your Business is a Movie”.

Being open and honest and vulnerable about your story allows your audience to learn about you and your business. They are able to connect with you on a personal level after they begin to see what you’re passionate about and why.

They feel like they are getting to know you. And they’re probably thinking that they are like you enough to want to learn more about your story. Here are some ways you can incorporate this into your content:

  • Be clear about who you are talking to: Do not try talk to everyone. Identify your buyer persona to customize your content specifically for them.
  • Identify your expertise in your field: Use content and position yourself as an authority. You can give your ideas labels and formulas, as well as present empirical evidence. This approach is more powerful than just voicing your opinion.
  • Create the best content: Ask questions and dig deeply to make sure you create content that your target audience wants to consume.
  • Encourage sharing with a wider audience: This increases your reach and allows you to get to know more people. Although social media makes sharing easier, it is important to be unique in your use of the platform.
  • Build influencer relationships: Develop relationships with key influencers In authority stakes (as well as in every other aspect of professional life), who and what you know are almost as important than what you know. To attract influencers in your field, you can use social networking and blog commenting. Be smart and strategic, not a suckup. You won’t be alone in your quest for attention.
  • Make a blog that is popular: Be specific about your topic and express yourself. You can use this as a starting point to share your own perspective. There are many great resources online to help you improve your blog writing skills. I love Pushing social and Boost blog traffic.
    Interview experts This proven method allows you to tap into an influencer’s audience (and position yourself cheekily with them).
  • Guest blog: You can reach a new audience by writing unique, engaging, and articulate guest posts on relevant blogs. This is the fastest way to be known by more people.
  • Be creative: Content marketing doesn’t have to be about writing. Explore webinars, product reviews and podcasts. Also, check out infographics, videos, and ebooks.
  • Don’t be afraid to show some color and personality: Let the audience in on some aspects of who you are on a personal level. Tell them about that time that an interaction with one of your customers made you break out into a big smile. You know that running joke about how you like to enjoy a first and second lunch everyday? What about that time you lost your car on that trip to Atlanta and the cops had to help you break into the parking garage at 4 am?
  • Be open: Tell your audience about your brand’s WHY. Like we said above, share your origin story.

If your audience feels like there are no real faces or people behind the company, it makes it difficult for them to connect with you on a personal level. Be sure to check back for part 2 where we will help you to get likes and trust!

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