A Time I Took Mushrooms

At the bottom of it, I saw my soul explode. Me and my friends, we went tubing in Franklinton. We get out there and a friend of mine’s like, “Oh, here’s some mushrooms.” Talk about a life-changing event.

I took it. I was feeling fun. Everything was cool, right? Till it wasn’t. Then I went down that rabbit hole that they talk about, right? And I fell down and at the bottom of it, I saw my soul explode.

Boooo! And before that, I was just like,
“Oh my God, oh, there’s no hospital here. Take me to the hospital. Nobody’s here, but whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. It was heightened, heightened, heightened, heightened.”

And I swear from then on, like I was the water. I was nature. I accepted my fate so much that I was at total peace. And I was at that moment, I was like, “Relax, turn the brain off”. It was pure bliss.

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