How Do You Approach Story Writing in Social Media?

I try to start with something that’s true and I also try to look for something that’s unusual.

Story writing for social media. We preach to ourselves and to our clients story-based content. Obviously, this video is not story-based content.

Not every video is going to be story-based content, but we really feel like story-based content is the type of content that’s really going to crack that shell that social media has out there, right? It’s going to get you through to more people if it’s story-based.

When I am coming up with story-based content for our clients, I try to start with something that’s true and I also try to look for something that’s unusual. When I am creating content for our clients, I’m looking for weird and unusual stories that we can then put into a script format, allow our clients to tell those stories to their audience.

It reconnects back to their particular business.

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