Schedule, Don’t Sell

I schedule, I don’t sell anymore. So start scheduling and stop selling. And so if they come back and they’re like, oh, well, hold on, then you can start answering their questions or objections.

But if you are trying to get them to give you the money at that point, I think that’s a mistake. I always just go forward as if we’re already doing business and it’s worked out for me. So if they don’t, then you can figure out and uncover what it is that’s stopping them from doing business with you right then and there.

Otherwise, just keep them rolling through that process. But you guys need to understand what that process is and have it so in tune that it’s just second nature. Be like, okay, great, now you’re in this phase.

Think about it as an assembly line. Okay, you’re in phase one. Now we got to do this, this, this, this, this. Great. We’ve done all that. Great. Now we’re moving into phase two and then they’ll pay you at some point.

I’ve made that my habit and that has done really well for me in terms of closing deals.

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