How to Dress For Your Upcoming Video Shoot

Here’s some tips you can use the next time you’re filming something.

1. Wear warm colors.
Colors like teal, cobalt, purple, and coral pop on screen.

2. Avoid white, bright red and all-black outfits.
All three of these colors can pose technical problems and affect how your face appears on screen.

3. Solids are your friend.
On camera, the focus should be on you and not your outfit.

4. Keep it classic.
You want your content to stand the test of time.

5. Keep your bling to a minimum.
Dangly jewelry is not only visibly distracting, but it can be loud.

6. Be comfortable.
Make sure you’re wearing clothes that you’re comfortable in. If you’re wearing something that doesn’t fit, something too constricting, or something that doesn’t make you feel like your best self, that’s going to come across on camera.

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