At Leduc Entertainment we proudly offer our services for the following industries:
Business, Corporate and Manufacturing
Connection is the most important aspect of employee-client relations, it’s what keeps us motivated in working toward a shared goal and ultimately enjoying shared success. At Leduc Entertainment we believe in creating videos that serve a purpose. Whether your purpose is to build team unity, promote a sense of reliance and trust with your company or to convey to the greater online community how your most popular products are constructed from the ground up we are enthusiastically here to help.
Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites...and nothing catches attention better than a great video!  At LEDUC Entertainment, we have a unique understanding of how social media works and how to use it to capture your audience's attention and drive them to your product or brand.
Advertising Agencies and Out-of-Town Production Companies
As a local production company, Leduc Entertainment is sensitive to your vision. Creative planning can be exhausting and by the time we enter the picture you and your client have already invested weeks of hard work. When the stakes are high you need someone you can trust to execute your project flawlessly. Leduc Entertainment guarantees experienced producers and project managers, an organized set, seamless filming and that sense of New Orleans flavor that makes our city an international favorite. Count on Leduc for:
+ Agency, client, and talent travel, ground transportation and accommodations
+ Department crew-ups, acquire all G&E, camera, vehicles, catering, etc.
+ Production office
+ Location scouting
+ Clean wrap-out
Agency producers are free to contact Armando Leduc directly at 818-216-8420.
For the Music and Entertainment Industry
Leduc Entertainment is proud to be one of New Orleans’ top music video production companies. We know how stressful the process can be- accommodating (sometimes finicky) artists, the importance of the right glam squad and hero lighting, keeping our finger on the art department, tracking expense, all while handling the pressure of fast-approaching deadlines. Our company continues to serve by providing artist rosters and label profiles, EPK's and album release interviews. Our distinguished list of clientele includes Big Machine, Island, Atlantic, Sony, Universal and more. At Leduc Entertainment we believe in getting every detail just right. It’s how we consistently deliver products that blow everyone out of the water and keep clients coming back for more. 
Weddings and Parties
Leduc Entertainment now offers high-quality documentary and cinematic media for wedding ceremonies and other celebratory events. Nothing is more important in life than the experiences you share with the people you love, and we believe everyone deserves a lasting impression of the happiest day of their lives. That being said, organizing a 500 person event is hectic enough without a ton of unnecessary equipment underfoot. Our team’s focus is to be discreet and to communicate constantly, ensuring your comfort throughout the ceremony. We take a streamlined and creative approach to every event we shoot, striving to highlight those essential milestone moments that can never be recreated.
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